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Riga's first ever International Biennial of Contemporary Art


From 2 June to 28 October, Riga and Jurmala are host to the first ever Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) with the theme Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More. RIBOCA features works by 104 international artists, selected by curator Katerina Gregos.

Eight exciting locations have opened their doors to RIBOCA, including a former textile factory and faculty of biology - venues which aren’t always open to the public. Individual pieces are also placed in public spaces, such as Kronvalda Park.

Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More as the theme is borrowed from Russian author Aleksey Yurchak’s book of the same name. The organisers see it as an excellent metaphor for our changing times and hope it will provoke discussion around these changes, how they are processed, awaited, experienced and handled.

Many of the works are new, and 49 of them have been commissioned for RIBOCA. Alongside the exhibitions, RIBOCA features a thorough educational programme with discussions, lectures, workshops, reading groups and other activities in English, Latvian and Russian.

RIBOCA is an initiative of the Riga Biennial Foundation. Founder Agnija Mirgorodska and the team hope to strengthen the ties between the Baltic art scene and the rest of the world.

Almost a third of the artists showcased in the first edition of RIBOCA are from the Baltic States and almost 70% are from the Baltic Sea region (Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany). Others are from Korea, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, South Africa, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece and Bulgaria.

To plan the best possible route, visitors are invited to use the app. Find up-to-date information about RIBOCA and its educational programme online at and social media channels.