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Rundāle Palace continues to attract more and more visitors


The most tourists visit in the warmer months of the year, but our pearl, the Palace, promises to leave you with spectacular impressions in the other seasons as well.

Since the time when the most renowned architecture monument of Baroque and Rococo in our country was renewed in the plains of Semigallia like Phoenix from the ashes, Rundāle Palace has become one of the most popular tourism objects and retains this status throughout the years. And the number of visitors continues to grow. During the 10 months of this year, the number of guests increased by 3%, but especially in July, when the Garden Festival was held.

Rundāle Palace was built according to the design of the famous Russian court architect Italian Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Fifty years of restoration were necessary for the historical complex of buildings to regain its previous splendour.

However, renovation can never be completed in such a significant palace. Every year, previously unseen and newly renovated rooms are opened for visitors, and there is an ongoing purposeful supplementation of the permanent exhibition of the museum with various new exhibits: paintings, furniture, and household items. The three rooms opened this year are a home to exciting exhibitions, including one about the fashion of the 18th century.  

Undeniable value to the Rundāle Palace Museum is added by its former owners, and exhibitions devoted to them. Russian Empress Anna Joanovna, who became a widow early, chose the local landlord Ernst Johann von Biron as her favourite.  The Empress awarded a title of Duke to von Biron, and for the purpose of summer relaxation, Rundāle, just as the nearby Jelgava, received a magnificent residence.   

The most visitors come to Rundāle Palace Museum in summer months when various events are held there, and roses, peonies, and other beautiful flowers bloom in the French Garden.

Most guests choose the "Short route", i.e., they explore a part of the permanent exhibition of the museum and the park. But individual visitors most often prefer the "Long route" and seeing the whole permanent exhibition of the museum, as well as the palace park.

The "Long route" offers an opportunity to see both the magnificent parade halls and apartments of the Duke and Dutchess. Experimental "Hunting Office" has been made in the Duke's apartments, reflecting the passion of Dukes of Courland, Ernst Johann and Peter, for hunting. The room exhibits paintings of renowned masters depicting hunting scenes, as well as hunting tools of the 18th century.

Exhibition "From the Gothic Style to Art Nouveau. Decorative Art of Europe and Latvia in the 15th to 20th Centuries." is noteworthy as well. This year the exhibition has received a significant addition: the room of Classicism. The room is decorated with art objects typical to this style and characterising the expressions of Classicism in various countries, especially in England, France, Germany, Russia, and Latvia.

Park of Rundāle Palace Museum makes an unforgettable impression, since it becomes richer and more sophisticated, just like the palace itself. A real Frenchman indeed! During Garden Festival of 2017, a unique labyrinth bosquet spanning 20 metres in diameter will be opened.