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Video - a tribute to the State of Latvia on the 100th birthday


It only lasts one and a half minutes, but it tells a story that, hopefully, will never end - the story of our fatherland love and patriotism.

Video is created by the Latvian Institute (LI). Aiva Rozenberga, the Head of the LI, says: "This is the story of our common source of strength. To have one’s own country is of a great value – we each with our energy, thoughts and actions create the democratic forces of the people, with which we go through trials and celebrate our common achievements. The celebration of the centenary of Latvia is an opportunity to remind ourselves and the world that we are a democratic society with deep roots and strong statehood.


In the video we see a lot of wonderful personalities - both more or less well-known and completely unknown in the wider community. There is opera singer Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča, ceramic artist Laima Grigone, new chess talent Miķelis Vingris, bathman Valdis Ķīķeris and many others. They all participate in the formation of the State of Latvia with their energy.

The message is both Nordic-minded and emotional. The video has 2 language versions - Latvian and English. The video is intended to be distributed at different levels of international events in Latvia and abroad.

The Latvian Institute invites anyone who values the message to share it in their social networking accounts.

 The video is available in LI communication channels in the portal, in the Facebook accounts "If you like Latvia, Latvia likes you", "Latvian Institute" and “Kaut kas mīļš no Latvijas “("Something lovely from Latvia").

The author of the video concept is the agency “DDB Latvia”, the video was created by “Tritone Studio”, the studio “MUTE” and the band of the Latvian electronic music “Bandmaster” took care of the sound.

Welcoming the centenary of the Latvian State, LI has also published a book about Latvia in English "Latvia 100 Snapshot Stories", in which 100 brief stories provide relevant information about both our cultural codes, traditions and statehood, as well as about the modern lifestyle trends and achievements in various fields, also highlighting future directions of development.