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Vincent (Riga) has been recognised as the best Restaurant in the Baltic Countries


Prestigious Nordic restaurant Guide the White Guide Nordic has assessed for the first time restaurants in all three Baltic countries and has included the best restaurants in the edition of the year 2016. 

In the section of the Baltic restaurants of the White Guide Nordic 60 Baltic restaurants have been included of which 30 are Estonian, 20 - Latvian but 10 - Lithuanian restaurants.

“The Baltic countries have their own proud culinary traditions, their own regional climate conditions and biotopes, but the practice of using various techniques to exploit and preserve what the brief growing season provides is as deeply rooted as in the Nordics, indeed even more deeply.

If the Baltic region’s cuisines continue to develop the way they are doing now

and cultivate their distinctiveness, more people will discover that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are worth a journey, “ says Editor-in-Chief for the Baltic part of the guide, Anna Michelson Bodemark.

The Nordic restaurant guide the White Guide Nordic issued in English was released for the first time in 2014. Last year in the Guide information on also Estonia was collected but in the edition of this year (the third) there was already all the Baltic countries certifying a high-level of restaurants in our countries.

At opening festivity of favourite Guide that took place at the end of October in Stockholm and brought together more than 200 specialists of restaurants and other hospitality industries, the experts named 30 best restaurants in the Baltic countries and 30 - in the Nordic. The restaurant Vincent in Riga has been recognised as the best in the Baltic countries that during more than twenty years since opening has become one of the favourite restaurants of gourmands in the Northern Europe.

The restaurant is located in one of the most picturesque Art Nouveau districts of Riga, within 15 minutes walking distance from the Old Riga. The menu is suitable both for daily dinner and special festive events. It is based on fresh, seasonal food products provided by local biological households.

In Vincent once the Emperor of Japan Akihito, British Prince Charles, the Prime Minister of Germany Angela Merkel and other high-ranking persons enjoyed their meal. 

In the list of the 30 Best Restaurants of the Baltic countries the following restaurants from Latvia are also indicated: “Bibliotēka nr.1”, “Restorāns 3”, “COD Robata Grill” and “Entresol”.

In Latvia among restaurants suggested by the Guide there are 2 more restaurants in the resort city Jurmala: “36. līnija” and “Laivas” and one restaurant in Vidzeme region - "Dikļu pils". In the White Guide Nordic the following restaurants of Riga are remaining listed: “Trīs pavāru restorāns. Tam labam būs augt!”, “Equus”, “Ferma”, “Kolonāde. Mūsu Stāsti”, “Koya”, “Locale”, “Muusu”, “Per sé”, “Riviera”, “Valmiermuižas vēstniecība Rīgā”, "Valtera Restorāns" and “Vīna Studija”.

Additionally to print edition of the Guide there is also electronic version that can be found on