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Visit the famous Sherlock Holmes


In the heart of Old Riga there is a new, cosy ART hotel „Sherlock” opened, which has gained its name in honour of the legendary British detective.

The concept of the hotel, both in the interior and in design solutions, reflects the creators' love of literature, history and the Victorian age. The 5-storey building itself on Mazā Monētu Street 3 was built in 1898, when the first story of Conan Doyle from the series "Stories about Sherlock Holmes" was released.

The hotel „Sherlock” Hotel has seventeen different apartment categories: three luxury suites, eleven superior suites and three studio rooms.

Each room has its own name in honour of a hero or storyline by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's story and also has the corresponding interior and decor.

During the restoration a historical fresco was discovered on a wall. Now this valuable find is decorating the interior of the room in its original look. The hotel also renovated ancient ceiling relieves.

The hotel's ancient breath, however, does not come into conflict with the requirements of the era or cosiness. The rooms are cosy and quite spacious, for not only one guest to feel comfortable there, but even better – for friendly couples with or without children.

The term "ART" has not been added to the hotel name by accident. All rooms of „Sherlock” are decorated with artists' works. In addition, according to the owners' idea, the hotel rooms will become the venue for the exhibition-sales of works of new artists and designers of Latvia.

From the windows of the rooms there is a wonderful view of the roofs of Old Riga, the Dome Cathedral and the St. Peter's Church tower. A Soviet detective series about Holmes and Watson, which is still remembered by many cinema lovers, was made in the immediate vicinity of this place in Old Riga. Every year, the Sherlock Holmes Festival is held in Old Riga, and the new hotel could become a peculiar place to visit both at those times and at another time.

The plans of the hotel are to create a well-known detective bronze figure, and then it will almost be a real Baker Street 221B.