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A visit to Zelma's Bakery


The kitchen is a great place to lose our sense of time in this rushed modern world.  

Zelma's Bread Bakery (Zelmas maiznīca) in the Lielvārde area offers three baking classes for visitors to get creative, have a good rest and learn new skills:

  • rye bread baking takes approx. two hours;
  • Latvian-style bagel (ūdenskliņģeri) baking takes approx. one and a half hours;
  • seasonal gingerbread baking takes approx. one and a half hours.

Owner Ligita Lastmane can welcome 50 guests at a time, though 30 is much more comfortable. Since opening in 2015, Ligita has been welcoming one to three groups a day, and guests have come from Latvia as well as Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the USA, Italy, Russia and other countries.

Ligita and her family can deliver the classes in Latvian, English and Russian.

As well as the classes, the Lastmaņi family can arrange local produce markets and tastings, activities for children, local musician performances, cheese making, yarn spinning and lunches provided by nearby caterers. Guests are welcome to enjoy the meals outdoors or in the cosy little hut around the fireplace.

Guests can also book special tours of the Lielvārde area. Groups of up to six people can take a ride in the vintage UAZ-452 convertible. As Ligita explains, they have no lack of future development plans and ideas, and the list of options will continue to grow.

The story of “Zelmas maiznīca” began in 2010 when Ligita started to bake bread for her husband. Gradually, friends and family developed a real taste for it, and, in 2015 Ligita started to sell her bread at regional markets. Schools began to enquire about possible bakery tours and Ligita agreed to show them the space and the process until, eventually, she let people get involved in the baking.