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The way through the Christmas Trees 2017


Visit Riga from December 8 to January 14 and in the evening, when darkness settles in early in winter, go for an unforgettable walk. 

The first festival "The way through the Christmas Trees" took place in 2010. Its purpose was to create Christmas ornaments for Riga and promote creative expressions in an urban environment.

Maybe it is difficult to believe, but even the first festival gathered much recognition. Participants of the festival offered such an amazing offer of Christmas Trees! Riga was filled with expectation for the approaching holiday. At first Christmas, and a week later the change of years, when old calendars will be left in the past, and new and hopeful ones will be opened.

The idea of the festival finds its roots in an intriguing legend about Riga as a place where in 1510 for the first time in history a Christmas Tree was set up in the city market square. Even though the story might have been forgotten, yet before Christmas, the Trees are always set up in Latvian cities and countryside. Green, tall trees bringing with them the scent of forest and snow.

Contrary to traditional views of a Christmas Tree, environmental objects of the festival each year astonish with originality of ideas, intriguing content dimensions and variety of materials used for creation of the works.

Professional artists, students of Latvian Art Academy and representatives of creative industries all participate in the festival with their creations.

Several dozens of environmental objects in their full glory can be seen in evenings when the city is lit up.

In order to see as many objects of Christmas Tree festival as possible, use the Festival Guide. You can receive a printed copy at Riga tourism information centres, and electronically on the website