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Where to go if you have a sweet tooth? To Laima!


Since establishment of Laima Chocolate Museum 3 years ago, almost 100 thousand guests have visited it.

It seems that the name of Laima is known by everyone in Latvia. Both children and adults. Production of chocolate factory Laima brings joy to generations of people who love sweets.

Origins of Laima chocolate reach back to 1870, when the German businessman Teodors Rigerts founded his company in Riga and began to delight the people of Latvia with chocolate treats.

3 years ago, confectionery company Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija opened Laima Chocolate Museum, thus becoming one of the most popular places to visit not only for families with children or school kids.

"Learning the story of Laima chocolate legend from knowledgeable and professional guides is exciting both to small and big chocolate lovers," says Liena Skadiņa, Manager of Laima Chocolate Museum.

Laima Chocolate Museum offers an opportunity to learn about the chocolate production traditions and to find joy and comfort by using several senses: by sight, taste, smell, hearing and feeling.

Since the establishment of the museum on 18 December 2013, it has been visited by 99,013 guests both from Latvia and more than 50 other countries of the world.

Museum has become a favourite place to celebrate significant events. 550 birthdays and 63 weddings have been celebrated there. More than 30% of the guests have visited the creative chocolate workshop and tried to prepare the delicious brown treat themselves.

Museum covers 520 square metres; approximately 100 kilograms of cocoa beans have been used to set up the exhibition. The oldest item of exhibition is more than 120 years old.

Laima is the best-known brand of sweets in the Baltic States. The unique taste characteristic to Laima is ensured by chocolate prepared by combining ancient skills and recipes with advanced production technology. Laima chocolate has reached more than 30 countries across the world, including USA, Canada, China, Russia, Israel, Ireland, the Great Britain, etc.

People in Latvia have also always liked chocolate. Little wonder that 2 chocolate museums have been established in Latvia, each of them unique and attractive: Laima Museum in Miera Street, Riga, and Pūre Chocolate Museum in Tukums municipality.