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Eat & drink in Latvia

Wild mushrooms, the royal catfish, venison dishes, birch juice, sweet strawberries and sour cherries, excellent honey, rhubarb wine and beer brewed by local masters - all this and much more is waiting for you in Latvia.

Riga is an outstanding destination for gourmet holidays, but you will also find great restaurants outside of the capital, which are built in historic estates and other beautiful places.

Bon appetite!

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Izsalkušais Jānis


In 1994, soon after the restoration of Latvian statehood, when the famous chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš established its haute cuisine restaurant “Vincents” attended by the most prominent people, it seemed an unachievable top of the industry. Therefore even more surprising is the number of excellent restaurants run by talented young chefs with international experience. Restaurants in Latvia offer the light Mediterranean cuisine, Eastern cuisine featuring savoury spices, Caucasian dishes, tender Japanese specialties, modern fusion Slow Food as well as many other cuisines not to mention Russian delicacies such as pancakes with caviar and a shot of vodka.


In a café practically always a tea or coffee can be ordered and the other way around – in a tea-room coffee can be sipped. The names do not matter. The distinguishing feature of a café and tea-room is the opportunity to have freshly baked pastries with a cup of an aromatic and warm beverage. A meat pie, a poppy seed pastry, a piece of pie or cake – the selection is vast and.