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Mysteries of the old fish house

Liepāja has always been rich with both outstanding historical events and its personalities. The City of Winds is historically unimaginable without its port, its fish, its export and its reckless daredevils, dreamers, its free-spirited people with their grand works which have shaped Liepāja to be how we know it today — ambitious, bold, capable and bohemian.

The educational adventure “Mysteries of the Old Fish House" allows the entire family to get to know Liepāja in all its richness in one unforgettable and intriguing tour.

The old fish house of the past century has awoken in one of the historical warehouses of Liepāja (Zivju iela 2A), a place of cultural heritage nowadays, with its mysteries waiting to be discovered!

Historically, fish was brought in from all across Europe and sorted into three grades — crown, reject and double reject fish, and the sorted barrels were then exported further on to Norway, Germany, the wide land of Russia, and other places.

Those were the years when the center of Liepāja had a circus with 20 trained horses and shoes made out of elephant skin.

Mister Cukurs has been dreaming about a flight and navigation-free trip to Africa as well.

All these colorful events of the “Mysteries of the Old Fish House” are melded into an almost hour-long, magical and educational adventure, where the attendants participate in various activities to learn about culture and history, get a taste of the values of Liepāja, hear about all sort of wonders, have fun and, in the end, enjoy a delicious fish meal. 

“Mysteries of the Old Fish House” is new tourist object in town – it is an escape from the mundane, created to provide an unforgettable experience and impressions of Liepāja. 

Zivju iela 2A, Liepāja, LV-3401
+371 25654578
Languages Spoken: 
Price (adults): 
5.00 €
Admission Fee: 

Free of charge for children up to 12 years old when attending the tour with their family.

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