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Talsi – a town on nine hills

In Talsi everything is nearby and close, twisted in a colourful picture. Nine hills and two lakes cherish the history of many centuries.

About Talsi

Nine hills generate specific characteristic building and landscape you may find only in Talsi. The town is the most beautiful when apple trees and cherry trees are at bloom.

The King's Hill

At the King’s Hill (Ķēniņkalns) you can find sculpture named "Koklētājs" created by the sculptor Karlis Zemdegs. It is dedicated to heroes -  freedom fighters.


The most welcome celebrations are:

  • The City Festival in the first week of July;
  • The renewed Dizmaras fair at the end of August;
  • The rally racing in May;
  • Art Days in April-May;
  • Poetry days in September.

Talsi District Museum

The building of Talsi District Museum stands on one of the nine hills of Talsi – Tiguli hill. Museum is an important centre for culture and education. The building itself is worth seeing, it was built in the style of neo-classicism in the late 19th century.

At the museum:

  • see various exhibitions and expositions;
  • take a part in educational programmes;
  • go for a walk in the dendrological park;
  • see more than 250 species of trees.
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