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Gauja National Park Visitor centre by Ligatne Nature Trails

Nature Trails include observation of wild animals that can be found in Latvian forests, behind fencing:elks, foxes, bears, does, racoon dogs, lynxes, dog wolfs, wild boars, squirrels, hedgehogs as well as birds - storks, eagle-owls and owls.

Almost all the animals have been found and rescued by humans, tamed and brought from various places in Latvia.Some of them, for instance, elks, lynxes and an eagle-owl were born in Ligatne Nature Trails.

Gauja NP Visitor centre by Ligatne Nature Trails offers:

  • information on the inhabitants of the Nature Trails, feeding hours and opportunity to walk the route together with the animal caretakers;
  • - information on various excursions, hikes and tourism


  • information on the nearest catering places and accommodation;
  • information on guide services;
  • various souvenirs, post cards, guides and maps as well as snacks and refreshing drinks;
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