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With Latvia being located on the crossroads between Western and Eastern cultures, and having a history of tumultuous developments, it is clear that foreign nations have left significant footprints in Latvia.

Latvians continue to observe the traditions of their ancestors – culture embedded in Latvian folklore that is best experienced during the Summer Solstice or "Jani" holiday, and the massive Song and Dance festivals, as well as through traditional crafts and handiwork, events organised by museums, and a lot of other activities.

Those who enjoy music and performing arts will enjoy major opera festivals in Riga and Sigulda, and a large number of various concerts and festivals across the country.

Latvian National Opera and Ballet
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Latvian National Opera and Ballet

Taking in one of the productions at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, you can expect top-class classical opera, modern opera and...
Aldaris beer museum and brewery
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The museums of Latvia invite you to see, learn, and experience. If you are interested in history, then visit Karosta Prison, the Corner...
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Folklore and Customs

Latvia is proud of its rich heritage of folklore and folk customs that cannot be encountered anywhere else. A significant part of the...
Keramiķe Laima Grigone
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Opportunities to participate

Latvia is not only a country rich in tourism objects but also a place providing wide opportunities to participate in various events, craft...
Jānu svinētāji
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Jānis day celebrations

Do not miss the most Latvian holidays of all – Jani or "Liigo!", the night from June 23 to June 24  (in harmony with the summer solstice),...
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Latvians are called a 'singing nation'  for good reason! The age-old singing tradition is reflected in the rich heritage of Latvian...
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