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Russian tourists associate Latvia with ''Riga Black Balsam'' and composer Raimonds Pauls

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Russian tourists associate Latvian with ''Riga Black Balsam'', composer Raimonds Pauls, coastal dunes, the Baltic sea, church organs, sun, amber, singer Laima Vaikule, bilberries and the legend of the ''Rose of Turaida'', according to the results of a survey presented at the ''Russia focus'' forum at the recent ''Balttour 2012'' international travel trade fair in Riga.

According to the survey, Russian tourists choose to visit Latvia for several reasons - nostalgia, as well as the desire to go on a holiday with their children and grandchildren, and show them Latvia, the Baltic sea and Latvian cuisine.

Many Russian tourists visiting Latvia are from the older generation, who feel nostalgia towards Latvia and have childhood memories here.

There are also many middle-class Russians who enjoy spending their holidays in Latvia. These persons like to visit Latvia to ''get away from it all'' and enjoy ''peace and quiet''.

According to Russian tourism specialists, Egypt remains the most popular destination for Russian tourists. However, with the ongoing political turmoil in Egypt, the Baltics have a good chance of becoming a popular destination for Russian tourists.