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Northern Breakwater

The Northern Breakwater is a functionally important hydro-technical construction for Liepaja Port, where one can feel the power of wind and water during storms.

Liepaja’s Northern Breakwater is not just a wonderful site to enjoy a walk, but also to watch sunsets and the storms of the Baltic Sea. There is no other feeling than that being by the breakwater at the time of the storm, seeing the raging sea and being aware of nature’s true force. Do not forget though that the sea and the storm do not have mercy for those who do not respect them. If you have chosen to be there, think and be cautious!

The Northern Breakwater is popular among anglers who want to catch plaice. The surroundings of the breakwater is also good for watching birds, especially during their autumn migration and in winter, when species of water birds spending their winter in Liepaja can be met by the breakwater because of its mild climate.

Breathe in the sea air and observe!

  • To the south of the breakwater there is a view of Liepaja Freeport and its system of breakwaters,
  • To the south there is a view of the remains of the Northern Forts in the sea – a part of Liepaja fortress.

Functions of breakwater

The Northern Breakwater is a very important hydro-technical construction as its main function was to ensure protection of Liepaja Port’s inner harbor from large and small storms and sand drifts. The breakwater is 1,800 meters long and 7.35 meters wide. Liepaja’s Northern Breakwater was built at the end of the 19th century, and the construction process lasted for more than two years.

If you wish to see the contrasting territory of Karosta, the former naval base, as part of a visit to the Northern Breakwater, get on a bike and take the 12-kilometer long biking route - Enchanting brutality of Karosta!

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