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Sabile Town

Sabile is located in the most beautiful and deepest part of the ancient valley of the River Abava. In 1253, Sabile was first mentioned in written documents. Approximately in the 13th-14th century traders and craftsmen formed a village in this place.

The symbol of Sabile is Wine Hill – a vineyard occupying an area of 1.5 ha and mentioned in the Guiness Book of World Records as the world's northernmost open-air vineyard. Even Sabile’s coat of arms bears a cluster of grapes. Therefore every year during the last week of July Sabile celebrates the Wine Festival that has already become a tradition and the only and unique opportunity to taste the real wine from Sabile Wine Hill.

Sabile Old Town is a home for many protected cultural monuments of national importance such as the historical centre of Sabile, Sabile hillfort, Brincken vault, Sabile Lutheran Church etc. The historical centre of Sabile is a town planning monument of national importance. The Old Town fascinates its visitors with a special aura of history surrounding different decorative elements of residential buildings, old tile roofs, old street pavement and general atmosphere of the small town.

Sabile offers many romantic places where to pause, take time and watch the landscape of the small town, as well as many interesting sights from which to draw inspiration and energy for future. In hot summer days it is worth going for ripe juicy clusters of grapes growing on the Wine Hill.

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