Šlokenbeka manor

Šlokenbeka manor is an ancient ensemble of fortified manor buildings, the construction of which began in the fifteenth century. The manor is located only five kilometres from Tukums. It houses the Latvian Road Museum, which is dedicated to the history of Latvian road construction and technology.

  • Muižas vārti
  • Pils muiža

The manor was first cited in written sources in 1484. It was built by the vassal of the Teutonic Order, Werner von Buttler, on the postal route connecting Riga and Prussia. Šlokenbeka manor was developed as an enclosed complex. The buildings were connected by a protective wall, and entrance to the courtyard was through a fortified gate. In case of an attack, Šlokenbeka served as shelter for the Tukums gentry.

Šlokenbeka manor has been rebuilt several times, and new buildings have been added, as by the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century the manor had lost its function as a military support centre, and it was increasingly being adapted for household life.

56.976040, 23.226847
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