Valmiera Old Town

The small-scale old town of Valmiera situated on the bank of the Gauja River provides a refreshing distraction from the bustling rhythm of the city. Valmiera Old Town centres around the Livonian Order castle ruins and St Simon’s Church, which was originally built in 1285 and has preserved its medieval appearance up to nowadays.

  • Valmiera Old Town
  • Photo: Eduards Jegorovs
  • Valmiera Old Town
  • Photo: Eduards Jegorovs
  • The Old Pharmacy
  • Photo: Jānis Priedītis
  • Valmiera Old Town
  • Photo: Eduards Jegorovs

The church has memorial plaques of the most distinguished city dwellers from the 15th–16th century, a pipe organ (1886), pulpits and pipe organ paintings (1730). The church tower serves as an exhibition hall, and its vantage platform provides a panoramic view of Valmiera. The Old Pharmacy at Bruņinieku Street is the oldest wooden building in the city and the second oldest pharmacy in Latvia. It was built in 1735 above the cellar of the Livonian castle.
Permission to set up a pharmacy was received in 1755. In that particular building it operated for 210 years – up to 1965. Currently the building houses an exhibition hall of Valmiera Museum of Regional History and Art. The culture and recreation park contains a preserved settlement of the ancient Latgalians. It is located close to the Luca Dell, where a small spring of healing water used to flow.
Valmiera is the only city in Vidzeme with a professional theatre - among the best in Latvia. The Museum of Valmiera will help familiarise with the history of the city, whereas excursions to manufacturing enterprises will reveal much about the local industrial environment.
Go and explore the city on your own or with a skilled guide. Watch the city life on the webcam. More information about Valmiera and its tourism objects available at www.valmiera.lv
In the summer season there are many cultural and art events taking place in the historical centre of the city.

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