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"Vējiņi" underground lakes

Vējiņi (Urtānu) Cave is 42 m deep and a source of a powerful water spring. The cave is impressive indeed: 2,3 - 6 m wide, 0,9 - 1,7 m high, 160 m2 of ground area, with the total flow of 5 liters/second. Standing right at the Brasla River, it is overflooded every spring. The cave ends with a filled sinkhole, also obstructing an underground spring and thus forming yet another cave – Ezerala Cave.

The Ezerala Cave consists of a unique cave system with an underground spring and two underground lakes. Its total length is 48 m. These lakes are the only underground lakes discovered in the Baltics so far. The biggest lake’s surface area is 30 m2, length 14 m, depth up to 2 m. The area of the smallest lake is 15 m2, length 6 m, depth around 5 m. Above the large underground hollows there is only a 6m thick but unreliable cover of Quarternary sandstone deposits, therefore only guided sightseeing of the underground lakes is allowed.

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