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The museums of Latvia invite you to see, learn, and experience.

If you are interested in history, then visit Karosta Prison, the Corner House, or Līgatne Bunker. In Karosta Prison you will see prison cells and a punishment cell built around 1900. In Līgatne you will find a secret underground bunker that was built around the 1980s for the government in case of nuclear war. In Riga you will have the chance to visit the former headquarters of the Soviet KGB – the so-called Corner House, where you can take a guided tour through the prison cells.

Remnants of the olden days will welcome you at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, where the historical dwelling houses of farmers, craftsmen, and fishermen are displayed. Here you can also find traditional craftsmen and experience the celebrations of Latvian annual festivals.

After a walk through history, visit the Aldaris Beer Museum to taste the local beer and learn the secrets of brewing. Treat your family at the Laima Chocolate Museum, where the chocolate can be seen, tasted, heard and felt.

Drawing room
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Riga Art Nouveau Centre

The Riga Art Nouveau Centre is the only museum in the Baltics that presents a complete picture of the historical heritage of Art Nouveau...
Daugavpils Marka Rotko mākslas centrs
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Art and art galleries

In art galleries and museums you will have the chance to see the creations of historically significant artists from Latvia and the rest of...
Rundāles pils
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Rundale Palace and Museum

The Rundale Palace is set amidst the fertile Zemgale Plains in the south of Latvia. Most of the interior decorations were created between...
Turaida Museum Reserve
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Turaida Museum Reserve

The broad area of Turaida Museum Reserve is rich with archaeological, architectural, historical and art monuments, which tell us about many...
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Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum

One of the oldest and largest open-air museums in Europe is located on the banks of Lake Jugla, just a 30 minute drive from downtown Riga.
Seaside Open-air Museum in Ventspils
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Seaside Open-air Museum in Ventspils

The Seaside Open-air Museum in Ventspils offers information about development of the fishing industry and a vast exhibition of different...
Jacobine’s room at the Munchhausen Museum
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Munchhausen Museum

The Munchhausen Museum is a true catalyst in evoking the tales of the adventures of Colonel Hieronymus Karl Friedrich Baron von Munchhausen...
Rīgas Motormuzejs
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Rīga Motor Museum

Rīga Motor Museum was established on 22 April 1989 on initiative of the Latvian Antique Automobile Club. The Museum collects, preserves,...
Aldaris beer museum
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Aldaris beer museum and brewery

Aldaris beer museum is the most up-to-date museum of beer in the Baltics and the very first one in Latvia.
Sventes muiža
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Svente Manor and the Museum of Military Vehicles

The museum is located in the restored farm house of the counts Plater-Siebergs in the Jaunsvente Manor. The manor also accommodates a hotel...
powder tower
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Latvian War Museum

The Latvian War Museum located in the Powder Tower in Old Riga is the biggest military history museum in Latvia with an extensive and...
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