Cesis Medieval Castle

Cesis City history dates back to 800 years distant past. It relates to Cesis Medieval Castle around which in 13th century the city developed.
Castle through the centuries has shared its fate with Cesis in fights against the Russian, Polish and Swedish armies.

  • Cesis Medieval Castle
  • Cesis Medieval Castle
  • Cesis Medieval Castle

Repeatedly rebuilt and expanded, Cesis Medieval castle got its present architectural form at the end of 15th century and early years of 16.century.

Moat and three broad fore-castles surrounded by strong stone walls made it difficult to access the Castle. Well-fortified castle got its first serious damage during the Livonian War (1558-1583), but since the beginning of Great Northern War since 1703rd Castle was abandoned and no longer was used for military purposes. Today Cesis Medieval Castle is impressive witness of Cesis town history and it attracts visitors with its medieval architecture and romantic features.

After receiving candlelight lanterns at Castle visitor’s center, you are ready to visit the Castle! Magnificent view from the Westerns tower overlooks the castle, the castle park, the city and its surroundings. Do not miss the Southern tower, which is externally most decorative castle tower. By climbing down to the basement, you can also visit the medieval castle prison!

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