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BusinessInsider.com Declared Riga as One of the TOP 5 European Cities for Summer Travel


The USA business news web-site, BusinessInsider.com, declared Riga, the capital of Latvia, as one of the five most attractive European cities for summer travels. Riga was given the distinction along with Faro, Amsterdam, Crete and Barcelona.

In describing of Riga, the web-site mentioned that “Eastern European cities are the perfect way to enjoy an historical trip cost affordably”. The article states that Riga terraces are filled with locals simply enjoying the long summer evenings; also the 800-year-old cobbled streets decorated in the Barocco style, the golden sand and the excellent spa and resorts in Jurmala are mentioned.

The article entitled The Top Five European Cities for Summer Travel is published at http://www.businessinsider.com/the-top-five-european-cities-for-summer-travel-2011-7