Bīriņu un Igates castles


Rāmkalni Leisure Park is located 35 km from Riga on the banks of the Gauja River. Rāmkalni offers leisure activities for the whole family – summer tobogganing and other fun rides, cycling or boat trips, as well as wonderful views from the restaurant terrace on the waterfront. The whole day can be spent at Rāmkalni if you wish.

However, continuing your journey towards Limbaži, you’ll discover the romantic Bīriņi Castle. The castle’s novel architecture, wonderful park and charming love stories will surprise you. The castle’s owners have always been honourable and respected folk. Visitors can take a tour through the castle museum and landscape garden, go horse riding or take a trip by cart, organise a picnic or enjoy lunch in the castle restaurant.

20 km away, Igate Castle is a fantastic neo-Renaissance building which currently houses a romantic hotel and is encircled by a delightfully landscaped garden.

On the way back, we recommend taking the Riga-Tallinn highway.At sunset, stop at Saulkrasti, to celebrate the day’s end by watching the sun sink into the sea.

You will need a car to travel the full route, but Rāmkalni can also be reached by bus (www.autoosta.lv).

Included sights

  • Rāmkalni has the longest Rodel track in the Baltic’s - 400 m long with 7 curves.
    Inčukalns district, Inčukalns parish, "Vītiņkalni", LV-2141
  • Bīriņi castle is the most impressive example of the Rundbogenstil in Latvian manor architecture.
    Limbaži district, Vidriži parish, Bīriņi, "Bīriņu pils", LV-4013
  • Igate Castle was built in 1880 in the neo-Renaissance style. It is the second best-known castle in the Limbaži region, and it advisable to include...
    Limbaži district, Vidriži parish, LV-4013
Last updated: 17.11.2011