The Birini Castle, built in 1860 on the hill next to Lake Birini, is admired for its elegant and expressive outline.

The castle was designed by architect Friedrich Wilhelm Hess from Riga. The building’s overall architectural style can be classified as Neo-Gothic but its interior design is in the Neo-Renaissance style and features a staircase adorned with wood carvings, historical tile stoves and extravagant rooms.

Today, the hotel in the Birini Castle is a popular venue for banquets and seminars. Guests will enjoy dining in the charming restaurant as well as walking trails and scenic outlooks in the wide park surrounding the hotel. Since 2009, the Birini Castle is used as a backdrop for the opening credits the #1 Latvian TV series - UgunsGreks (Fire), where action takes place in a family-run hotel.

While staying in the castle:

  • Explore, get to know its history;
  • Horseback or in a sled;
  • Enjoy excellent meals at the restaurant;
  • Go for a boat ride on Lake Birini;
  • Relax at the baths in the castle;
  • Examine the variety of plants, mushrooms, animals and biotopes in the nearby parks.

Find peace in parks

The Birini Castle is surrounded by parks. The Landscape Park stretches from the stables to the Gardener’s House, which now has also been transformed into a hotel. The Love Oak-tree stands in the middle of the park and tingles softly in wind, as it is the custom of newlyweds to hang pairs of tiny bells on its branches. For a longer walk, visit Mezaparks (the Forest Park) or Priezkalns (Pinehill) Park. The castle’s balcony affords the most spectacular view on the terrace garden and the lake beyond.

Ethnographic museum and pub

The road along Lake Dzirnavu will take you to the old watermill which now serves as an ethnographic museum and, during the summer season, also as a pub. Drink a cocktail on the wooden platform reaching out into the lake and watch fish swarming in the water, ready to gobble up any crumbs you might throw them. In winter, a carousel is put up on ice in the lake, as is the ancient tradition.


A restaurant is located in the vaulted basement of the Birini Castle. Courteous waiters, delicious food, white tablecloths, romantic lighting and your stay at the castle will become a true feast for the senses.

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Bīriņi, "Bīriņu pils", Vidriži parish, Limbaži district
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Bīriņi, "Bīriņu pils", Vidriži parish, Limbaži district
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