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Durbe Manor

The Durbe Manor is a pearl of the Classicism architecture of Kurzeme. This is one of the earliest manor houses in Latvia, where the interior from late 19th century and early 20th century has been restored to give the idea of the Baltic German culture.  

The restored manor house is surrounded by a vast scenic park with a rotunda and a high stone bridge. The museum offers exhibitions, themed excursions and events, classical music concerts, as well as special heritage and environmental education programmes, titled "Time Travel".

The participants of these events can learn in detail about the armed uprising of December 1905 or the so called Tukums war, about the 1st Song Festival of the Tukums County in 1928, thus engaging in a live role-play, enacting situations in historical settings.

The manor offers a special programme for newly-weds. The Durbe Manor is one of the seven units of the Tukums Museum.

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