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Koknese castle ruins

In 1209 bishop Albert ordered to replace an ancient Latvian wooden castle with a castle of stone. In 1701, during the Northern War, the castle was blown up by the retreating Saxons and was never restored. Until 1966 the castle ruins were situated high on a hilltop, but due to the construction of the Pļaviņi hydroelectric power station the castle foundations were flooded by the Daugava and Pērse rivers.

A romantic legend tells that the castle lord’s daughter was locked up in the castle tower by her own father after he had found out about her intention to marry an ordinary gardener. When the said gardener refused to give up his claim on the daughter’s hand, he was killed by the castle lord. After witnessing the tragedy from her tower window, the girl killed herself by jumping off the tower.

Afterwards she had allegedly been spotted on the banks of Pērse River, sitting mournfully on a stone and combing her hair. When approached by someone she used to disappear, but if anyone started to run away from her she used to follow.

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1.60 €
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Family ticket (2 adults + up to 4 children) € 3.56. Free admission to pre-school children, disabled persons and politically repressed (upon presenting a certificate).

Group discounts: 10 - 19 persons - 5% discount; 20 and more persons - 10% discount

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