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Līgatne Nature Trails

On the banks of the Gauja River, among the woodland crossed with ravines, there are more than 5 km of trails where you can watch wild animals and birds native to Latvia. It will take you approximately 2-2.5 h.

The Līgatne nature trails of Gauja National Park were created in 1975 to acquaint visitors with nature, the species of wild mammals living in Latvia, the natural diversity and the necessity of its protection.

Forest animals found on the Līgatne nature trails are brought from different places in Latvia.  These are young animals that were either wounded when found or domesticated and which cannot survive without human care and are unable to find food themselves.

Let us remind you that feeding animals is prohibited!
It is prohibited to take a dog with you to the Līgatne nature trails, even if your dog is on a leash!

Guided excursions are available in Latvian, Russian, English and German. The excursions must be registered for in advance by calling the Līgatne Nature Trails Visitor Centre.

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