Before the mid-19th century, the area was home to farmers who sold their produce in Riga; it was also a favourite place for the city people to spend their leisure in summer. At the end if the 19th century, chief engineer of the Riga city A.G. Agte conceived an idea to develop a summer house district in the surroundings of Lake Ķīšezers.

  • Atrakciju noma
  • Ķīšezers
  • Mežakaķis

An intensive development of summer houses followed. During the years of Latvia's independence, the developments in Mežaparks continued, and several hundreds of private villas were built.  The situation, however, changed drastically after World War Two when the grand villas were nationalised and many of them were allowed to fall into disrepair.
Only in 1990s the houses were restored to their rightful owners, and Mežaparks grew into one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in the city. Several picnic sites have been laid out not far from the boat pier. Invite your friends to a picnic in Mežaparks, and they will definitely enjoy it!
Mežaparks is also home to the Riga Zoological Gardens, the oldest zoo in North Europe, and a place where the city people love to spend their free time. Mežaparks also accommodates a vast open air stage that once in four years becomes a venue for one of the major events in cultural life, the Song Festival.
Mežaparks has become a popular place for cycling and roller-skating; roller skates can also be rented here. The vast territory accommodates playgrounds and attractions for children of different ages. On weekends a number of various fairs are held here, and "Slow Food" markets with healthy eco-products sold by local farmers are especially popular.
In winter, the residents or guests of Riga have an opportunity to enjoy cross-country skiing on any of the two ski tracks. Mežaparks is a favourite activity and leisure venue for families who can spend their time in one of the loveliest and greenest neighbourhoods of Riga.
Mežaparks can be easily reached from the centre of Riga by a bicycle path or by tram No 11.

57.009399, 24.140886
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Amenities and Features: 
  • Access for disabled people
  • Smoker-friendly
  • WC
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The park is open daily, round the clock.

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