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National Botanic Garden

Salaspils holds the largest collection of plants in the Baltics with more than 14 000 different species.

The wide collection of trees, perennial, food, and greenhouse plants makes the garden a popular destination for both educational and recreational purposes throughout all four seasons.

Greenhouse complex

The new multifunctional greenhouse complex was opened in spring 2015.

Plant fairs

The monthly plant fairs of the National Botanic Garden from April through to October have become one of the largest gardening events in Latvia. Its slogan – come, and you'll have something in your garden your neighbour doesn’t.


Topical excursions and lectures, consultations on the management of historical gardens, activities for students, as well as possibilities for cyclists, Nordic walkers, and lovers of active recreation are also available.


The entrance to the National Botanic Garden is located right next to Salaspils Train Station – it could not be any closer!

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