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Northern Fort

The Northern Fort is an integral part of the Liepāja Fortress.

In November 1908 the fortress was liquidated, as its construction had been acknowledged a strategic mistake. A part of the cannons were dismantled and delivered to the Kaunas Fortress in Lithuania, while the other part was recast. An attempt was made to blow up the artillery batteries, the underground structures and the gunpowder warehouses. However, the desired result was reached and, this way, the remains of the Tsarist Russia fortress and also the later, more modern fortress, still stand today.

The Northern Fort can be visited with the accompaniment of a guide. A team game “Escape from the USSR” is also offered at the Fort – the essence of the game is to work closely as a team to find a friend who has been taken prisoner by Soviet frontier guards and to transport him to a submarine.

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