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Pokaiņi Forest

Pokaiņi Forest is an ancient, exceptionally powerful holy site with stone piles of various magnitude. It is a place of yet undiscovered secrets and much controversy.

Pokaiņi Forest – the mysterious stone rivers, the stone piles, the hills and the peculiar individual stones have led to a number of implausible explanations and bizarre assumptions. One fact is undeniable though - Pokaiņi is a site of powerful concentration of energy. Spiritual mentors, healers and pundits consider Pokaiņi to be an ancient holy site. Pokaiņi was widely talked about already in the 1930s although a full-fledged discovery of the place did not occur until mid-1990s.

Hundreds of volunteers have assisted in cleaning the forest and the stone piles. The landscape of the place is no less remarkable – steep hills, valleys and springs of water. Only the most essential adjustments have been carried out in the forest while trying to preserve as much as possible of its unspoilt milieu.

Pokaiņi Forest covers steep hills and deep valleys – a combination which creates a scenic landscape. What makes the place special are clusters of stones. They can be small, moderate or of considerable size, either as separate stones or stone clusters. People visit the place seeking for more than just being in nature. The place exudes a particular kind of energy, which many people perceive as currents or information flows. Both the guides and the visitors of Pokaiņi Forest tell of paranormal natural phenomena which they have observed. Since 2000 Pokaiņi Forest has been under the supervision of the Latvian State Forests, which is responsible for the upkeep of the area, its facilities and road repairs. On your first visit to Pokaiņi we suggest you avail of guide services as the sightseeing spots are many and scattered in a vast territory.

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