The Pokaini Forest is a picturesque location and an ancient holy site famous for the wondrous legends told about it. Take a walk along the path and find out more about this energetic place.

Inside the forest, stones form groups, piles, walls and rivers: the Pokaini Stone Agglomerates. These were the main reason why the Pokaini Forest is connected with unusual beliefs and superstitions.

Walking paths

Currently, there are walking paths totalling 15 km in length in the forest. The stone agglomerates have been carefully cleaned, and certain stones were given names.

  • The Path of Health is made up of pieces of different types of wood forming different magic signs, with one sign cleansing and the other sing giving strength;
  • The Path of Seasons offers a glimpse at how Latvians view the seasons of the year;
  • Visit the Zodiac Circle to know yourself.

You can take the paths on your own, or together with a guide.

The Pokaini Forest offers

  • educational tours for children, schools, teenagers with practical activities in the forest;
  • Nordic walking sticks;
  • sites for placing tents;
  • meals cooked on a bonfire.
Activities for children
Guide service available


Pokaiņi, "Senpokaiņi", Dobele district
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Pokaiņi, "Senpokaiņi", Dobele district
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