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Sietiniezis Rock

The name of Sietiniezis (fine-sieve rock) comes from the extensive serration of the rock.The rock has multiple extraordinary forms – caves, pillars, alcoves, a forming arch.It is considered to be one of the highest rocks in Latvia, an excellent viewing place is located at the highest point of Sietiniezis Rock.

Sietiniezis cliff has two parts.The northern part is located close along the Gauja River.This part has a continuous almost vertical 200 m long and 13 m high slightly incurved steep slope.There is a yellowish sandstone cliffs up to 6 m high.
The second part begins further south.Here the sandstone exposures are further away from the river.The lower part of the slope is covered with trees and bushes, which makes the cliffs almost invisible from the river.This part is sectioned, the cliff is up to 15 m high at some parts.There are a lot of gaps of various width.The rock once had the biggest natural arch in Latvia.

It fell apart in the summer of 1975.Next to the rock there is the Devil’s cave of Sietiniezis with both ends open and a 15 m high sandstone pillar.The Devil’s heel should also be mentioned – a sandstone relief between gaps with a platform at the end, which could once become a sandstone pillar.

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