Tērvete Nature Park

The Tērvete Nature Park is a fabulous place, where unique nature and heritage live side by side. The Tērvete Nature Park is an excellent place for families with children or for friends to spend their leisure together. The Tērvete Nature Park has been selected as an EDEN destination for 2009.

  • Farytail Forest
  • Photo: Artūrs Jasinskis
  • Fairytale train in the nature park
  • Snail
  • Nature trail
  • Games with a little witch

Reserve your afternoon to sink into the world of fantasies.  Breathe the fresh air of a pine forest. Look into the dark sky at night to find constellations. Enjoy swimming in Swan Lake.

The Tērvete nature park is a unique natural site – it is home to 72 endangered plants that grow in the wild throughout the park. This area is also a safe haven for many other forms of wildlife such as birds, reptiles and amphibians. There are designated nature protected zones that keep the park's rare species free from intrusion.

TērveteNature Parkis the best and friendliest place for families with children and for those who can look at the world through a child’s eyes, rejoicing at the interplay of nature and fairytales.  This place will also make an impression on those who admire the mightiness of the ancient Zemgalians. These evoke associations to modern generations when climbing up to three ancient caste mounds.

Here you can download an informative booklet about the park. The most popular places, which take at least three hours for touring, are the Fairytale Forest, the Playground and the Dwarfs’ Forest.  Not only nature enthusiasts can admire the unique pine forest whose majestic trees are almost 300 years old.

Should you happen to be at the museum on the second Saturday in August each year, you will have an opportunity to visit the Craftsmen Fair and take part in the Zemgalian Festival that celebrates the region's heritage.

Tērvete Nature Park is a place where you can find not only wooden sculptures of fairytale characters and those of writer A. Brigadere–Sprīdītis and Lutausis, the Forest King with his court, Annele with her friends, a large family of dwarfs, but also "live" characters from fairy tales.

What to look for in the Tērvete Nature Park:

  • Spring: children and young people leaving goodies for their favorite fairy tale characters; a chance to watch migrating birds
  • Summer: the boating season launched on Swans Lake; swimming, cycling, nature watching
  • Autumn: birds migrating to a warmer climate
  • Winter: cross-country skiers cruising along trails

Groups of tourists will be introduced to the kingdom of legends and fairy tales and then also successfully led out of the forest by a guide (by previous appointment).  Further information is available on the webpage www.mammadaba.lv.

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