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Tervete Nature Park

The Tervete Nature Park with its wooden sculptures, winding pathways, bridges and plankways spanning the valley of the Tervete River will take visitors to the fairytale world populated by the characters of the works by the renowned Latvian writer Anna Brigadere. The park is operated by the state-owned forest manager - the Latvijas Valsts Mezi company.

Tervete Nature Park is family-friendly – the best choice for families with children and adults, who still can gaze at the world through the eyes of a child and be fascinated by the playful combination of nature and fairytales. This place will also hold interest for those, who admire the once mighty ancient Semigallians. Through the memories, they wave at the modern generations from atop three ancient castle mounds.

Visit the fairytale world

For the little ones

The little visitors will love Fairytale Forest, the Playground and the Dwarf Forest. In the Fairytale Forest, they will find not only wooden sculptures but also costumed characters from the fairytales created by Brigadere.

Take the Mother Forest’s Trail for a tour around the Fairytale Forest and inspect the colorful posters and sculptures that speak of natural phenomena.

When your legs won’t carry you anymore, hop on the Choo-Choo trackless train!

For nature lovers

Nature lovers will be awed by the majestic trees in the pine forest nearly 300 years old. To fully grasp the grandeur of the ancient forest, climb the observation tower that proudly rises above the treetops and is one of the most impressive structures of its kind in Latvia.

For history lovers

If you visited Tervete in the second Saturday of August, you will find yourself in the middle of the arts and crafts fair and the Festival of Semigallians during which a replica of an ancient settlement is created and the lifestyle, customs and martial arts of the 9th-13th centuries re-enacted.

For the fit and the inquisitive

  • You are welcome top visit picturesque LVM Tērvete Lake. Boats are available for rent, both for joyrides and for fishing.
  • Ride a bicycle, go Nordic Walking or indulge in a leisurely stroll.
  • Zala Klase (The Green Classroom) is an excellent opportunity to learn about the forest’s friends and pests, diversity of animals and the trade of looking after one of Latvia’s greatest treasures –  the forest.
  • Put your body to the test at the aerial adventure park called Tērvetes Gaisa Takas (Skyways of Tērvete).


Every year the park hosts over 30 events. Some of the most popular annual events are the Easter Celebration, the Fairytale Forest’s Night Festival or Walpurgis Night, the Children’s Opera Festival and the tourism season opening and closing events.

From November to May and by previous appointment only, dwarves will give environmental creative workshops for children and, together with the Witch of the Pine Forest, conduct a variety of entertainment programs for families and groups of adults, including wedding parties.

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