Ventspils Seaside Park

Seaside Park is a home for splendid greenery, playground equipment for children and nice places to relax and enjoy a picnic. A mini-wagon Mazbānītis runs through the Open Air Seaside Museum and heads to the Seaside Park. In the Seaside Park visitors can also find the Jungle Trail whose main inhabitants are works created by sculptors during the Poplar Art event, a traditional international woodcarving symposium.

  • Anchor Trail
  • Photo: Ventspils Tourism Information Centre

Here lurks a wooden crocodile and nests a huge stork. The Jungle Trail is a nice walking place for the whole family. Moreover, during the walk you can get acquainted with various path surfacing – dolomite panels, wooden pavement, woodchips, barks, different cones etc.

Several footbridges, hanged bridges, a small tower and a track of 1.5 m height have been installed in order to climb and crawl through the Jungle Trail like in real jungle. It is not necessary to be well trained, both adults and children can have fun on the Jungle Trail.

The Anchor Trail winds through the Seaside Park displaying the largest anchors of the Seaside Open Air Museum. The largest anchor is located next to the Park entrance. It weighs 23 tons and towers 6 m in height.

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Last updated: 03.09.2014