Ventspils Adventure Park offers exciting leisure opportunities. During summer, test your strength and agility on obstacle courses, in the water amusement park, wake-boarding, but in the winter, ski or snowboard on the slopes of Lemberga hūte Hill.

In summer

Visit the adventure park and you will be greeted by:

  • disc golf,
  • rope track "Kaķa taka" / children's rope track "Lācēns",
  • paintball fields,
  • wake park,
  • catapult,
  • camera jumping track,
  • crazy rotor,
  • inflatable attraction "Jautrais namiņš",
  • trampolines with and without rubbers,
  • electric cars for children and bicycle cards for adults,
  • well-maintained picnic areas.


Fans of winter sports and active recreation have the opportunity to play sports and relax on the ski hill "Lemberga hūte". In winter, the center offers:

  • ski track for experts,
  • ski run for beginners,
  • snow park with springboards, slides and railings,
  • snow park with springboards for beginners class,
  • chamber jumping track,
  • children's roller coaster sled track,
  • equipment rental, maintenance point.

Take a trip on Mazbānītis

In summertime, you can come to the adventure park on Mazbānītis, a mini-locomotive running from Seaside Open Air Museum, seeing an exhibition of anchors in Seaside Park and historical train station buildings on the way.


Active leisure