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Are you willing to fulfil a lifelong dream of all humankind – to soar like a bird in the air without any assistance? Go to “Aerodium” then! It is a vertical wind tunnel that allows you to soar in the air just like in a free fall, but in this case you don’t need to jump with a parachute from an airplane.

A vertical wind tunnel is a specific turbine making strong wind. Lying down on this vertical wind flow, you can touch the sky with your hands, perform various acrobatic movements, and enjoy before inexperienced emotions.

With the air flow of 200 kilometres per hour, feelings caused by the floating in the vertical wind tunnel are very close to those you can experience in a free fall, but the movements are similar to skydiving; they are based on the rules of aerodynamics.

The vertical wind tunnel was designed as a training simulator for military parachutists and astronauts, but for the last few years it has also began to be used as entertainment. The first vertical wind tunnel meant for entertainment was invented in Canada in 1979, but a couple of years ago similar vertical wind tunnel was made in Latvia, too. "Aerodium" is the first vertical wind tunnel in the Eastern Europe. It is located just before Sigulda, next to the highway Riga - Sigulda. It has become a popular way of entertainment providing incredible emotions. The flights in the wind tunnel develop the sense of balance and coordination ability, they help to strengthen spinal and other groups of muscles. As the instructors of the "Aerodium" emphasise, people have more control over their body in any other sports after the exercises in the vertical wind tunnel.

The coaches of "Aerodium" are one the most professional people in the world in this area – it is proved by the fact that “Aerodium” team has been invited to participate in the closing ceremony of Torino Winter Olympics in 2006. Remember this breathtaking moment! The flyers flew free and demonstrated an unforgettable acrobatic show – with both skis and snowboards – over the stadium at the height of 25 meters.... The show surprising the millions of people was performed exactly by the Latvian "Aerodium” team! Moreover, it is "Aerodium" year: it is entrusted to the team to build Latvian pavilion at the international exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, where a vertical wind tunnel is installed. The visitors of the exhibition are able to enjoy the fun of free flight.

If you want to experience a flight in the vertical wind tunnel of Sigulda, you need to book time for the flight in advance. It can be done on the web site of “Aerodium”: www.aerodium.lv. The minimal flight time is 2 minutes, but the maximal... it is not fixed. But, you need to bear in mind that you will have a flight lesson before the flight itself. It will take about 15-20 minutes.The price includes the rent of special equipment (flight clothes, gloves, goggles and helmet), the flight lesson under the guidance of qualified trainer, safety instruction before the flight, the trainer’s assistance during the flight and, of course, the flight. Anyone can fly!

Sigulda district, Rīgas – Vidzemes šoseja, 47. kilometrs, Sigulda
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