Do you wish to fulfil mankind's ancient dream - to fly freely in the air? Then head over to Aerodium! It is a vertical wind tunnel that allows you to soar in the air - just like a free fall.

Flight in the wind tunnel

Aerodium is the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe.

Wind flow in the tunnel is so powerful that no wings are necessary to get in and fly. By changing the body's position, the laws of aerodynamics allow you to rise in the sky, perform all sorts of movements and feel unbelievable emotions.

Flight duration

The minimum flight time is 2 minutes, but in order to fully enjoy the flight, it is recommended to fly 4 -6 minutes on your first time .

The completer flight process includes

  • briefing
  • putting on the equipment,
  • warm-up exercises and then the flight.

Flight takes about 40-60 minutes in total. Those who wish to fly are encouraged to attend in free and comfortable clothing. All of the necessary equipment is provided by the flight company.


Rīgas – Vidzemes šoseja, 47. kilometrs, Sigulda, Sigulda district
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Rīgas – Vidzemes šoseja, 47. kilometrs, Sigulda, Sigulda district