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Aglona Bread Museum

An invitation to a discussion about bread, the process of baking bread; tasting fresh bread, herb teas, an opportunity to purchase the Aglona bread and pastry.

Visitors to the Bread Museum are welcomed by the mistress of the house herself, wearing a Latgalian folk costume, with Latgalian folk songs and with her address in the Latgalian dialect. To welcome the guests, Vija Ancāne involves them in a dramatised performance. The museum is lit by candles, the table is laid with steaming herb tea in earthenware mugs, and aromatic rye bread on a linen tablecloth. At the beginning, the visitors are taught to recognise grains of rye by sight and taste.

Vija Ancāne has collected dozens of proverbs, beliefs, stories, customs related to growing grain, to baking and eating bread.

Here you may listen to the ears of rye whispering in the wind, to the sound of threshing flails. You can learn old dances and games related to corn and bread. The visitors are offered to taste bread, to try turning a hand mill or holding a full basket of grain for sowing.
Vija Ancāne can tell and show you how to cook old Latgalian dishes: krupnīks, veisteknis, grucis and others. The museum has collected hundreds of tools related to grain processing and baking: flails, baker's peels, kneading troughs, etc.

During the brief time period since the Bread Museum was opened it has received thousands of visitors from all over Latvia and also from abroad. Vija Ancāne sincerely honours the Latvian rye bread. Hardworking and faithful to all things Latvian, and with a strong wish to teach young people respect for the history of their land, Vija Ancāne has build from a scratch a museum which is now well known all through the country.

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