Vija Kuldiņa, a dedicated promoter of all things Latvian, does not shy away from hard work and  delving into the history of her native land. She has established a bread museum in Aglona to inform visitors about the process and to offer them to taste the bread or try baking it.

Under Vija Kuldiņa’s leadership, the museum celebrates Latvia’s traditional rye bread. The museum showcases hundreds of tools and other objects related to the processing of grain and baking bread, such as flails, baker’s peels, kneading troughs, etc.

Vija Kuldiņa, heart&soul of the museum

Dressed in traditional Latgallian costume, Kuldiņa welcomes visitors with charming Latgallian folk songs and a greeting in the Latgallian dialect, offering guests to identify and taste rye grains.

At the bread museum:

  • Make your own loaf of rye bread - bake it, take it home,
  • Listen the story of the history of bread and how to make traditional rye bread
  • Taste freshly baked bread,
  • Try your hand at milling or holding a basketful of grain,
  • Taste Latgallian cuisine: špeks, zuoļu čajs ar madu, supeņa, guļbeitsi ar zūsteiti voi kilbasu, kļockas, sipesnīks, šmakavceņš,
  • Celebrate a festive occasion at the museum.
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Aglona, Daugavpils iela 7, Aglona parish, Preiļi district
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Aglona, Daugavpils iela 7, Aglona parish, Preiļi district
+371 29287044