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Cesis New Castle

The Cesis manor house or the Cesis New Castle was built in the 18th century as part of a medieval castle fortification system - in place of a protective building for the tower and the gates. Today, it is operated by the Cesis History and Art Museum.

The Cesis History and Art Museum

The museum takes pride in its collection of historical materials on Latvia's red-white-red flag.

While visiting the Cesis History and Art Museum:

  • take a look at the history and interiors exhibition "Cesis - a symbol of Latvian history";
  • see Cesis from the castle tower and take a look at the city's oldest inhabitant - the Vends mound, the ruins of the Livonian Order's medieval castle;
  • participate in thematic and interactive programs.

After seeing Cesis' history and art museum, go on a tour of the nearby Cesis medieval castle.

The Cesis Castle also has a Cesis Tourist Information Centre.


Quite interesting are the Castle's restored and reconstructed interiors - count Sievers' study, coffee room and the castle library.

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