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Ērgļu cliffs

Ērgļu cliffs attract visitors mostly due to their magnificence and spacious, picturesque scenery that opens up from the sightseeing places above them. First 130 m are formed by the 22 m high, vertical sandstone wall, further several protuberances that are slightly channeled in the river loom out. There are many fractures in the cliffs, also sliding of separate blocks can be observed, as well as signs of the formation of landslip.

Ērgļu cliffs are one of the most significant tourism objects in the Gauja National Park, well-equipped for examination (sightseeing platforms, trails stairs). Majestic view that stretches wide across Gauja opens up from the sightseeing place above the cliffs.

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57.360896676107124, 25.260669831186533
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Priekuļi district, Priekuļi parish
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