The Erglu Cliffs (also called the Ergelu Cliffs)  - one of the most continuous sandstone walls in the Baltics some 700 meters long and up to 22 meters high. About a 330-meter-long  section sits on the bank of the Gauja River.

The Erglu Cliffs are one of the major natural monuments in Gauja National Park. The cliffs are situated about 7 kilometers from the center of Cesis town. A great view on the Gauja Valley opens to the north and to the west from the viewing point atop the cliffs.

The cliffs have allegedly been named after their echo, said to have sounded similar to organ music (in Latvian, ergeles = organ).

The cliffs are fractured by joints, and slumping and sliding of sandstone blocks is possible therefore standing at the foot of the cliffs is dangerous.

Follow the walking trails in the Erglu Cliffs to find out more about the Gauja River, the ancient legends about this beautiful river and interesting plants and bird species to be encountered on its banks.



Priekuļi parish, Cēsis district
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Priekuļi parish, Cēsis district