Jomas street in Jurmala

Jomas iela is one of the central and oldest streets of Jūrmala and it has experienced many changes and transformations during its existence. Distribution of the first land plots and creation of the main street in Majori was started in the 1860s and 70s, prior to construction of a railway line. In 1850 it would be difficult to walk at the place where the current Jūras, Jomas un Lienes ielas are located – it was a muddy forest where farmers tended cattle.  

The development of streets in Jūrmalā, as the name of Jomas iela indicates, is related to inlets (“jomas” in Latvian). When the sea receded, sand dunes with parallel delves – inlets – were formed as a result of the wind.  Once, Jomas iela began at the place where the current Lienes iela and Jomas iela cross, behind the Majori station square. Only after changes of names of the streets in 1936, when Rīgas iela was shortened, Jomas iela was extended to the Majori-Dubulti area boundary. The street’s name has remained unchanged until now, although in 1899 Jomas iela was renamed Puškina iela for a short period.

Only at the end of the 19th century did Jomas iela in Majori become the liveliest and noisiest place in Jūrmala. It was on Jomas iela where the first shop, market and pharmacy were opened in Majori. On the corner of Jomas iela and Omnibusa iela, in 1870 Horns built the first hotel in Majori and created a garden which became a renowned cultural centre of Jūrmala.

Construction on Jomas iela, especially at the beginning of the street, changed considerably following frequent fires and two world wars during which some of the old wooden buildings was destroyed.  Over the course of time, both owners of the houses and functions of the buildings changed many times. If buildings could talk, we would hear very colourful, fatal stories.

Jomas iela has become a particular visiting card of the city, the main pedestrian street in Jūrmala, where one can look at others and show oneself. Already during the Soviet period, the processions of the popular resort’s festivities went along Jomas iela, and then along Turaidas iela and up to the beach.

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