One of Jūrmala's main and oldest streets, which over time has become a popular place for recreational walking and dining after lolling on the pleasant sunny beach.

The best way to get to know Jūrmala's rhythm of life is to go on a summery walk on Jomas street.

Jomas street is a pedestrian street, about 1.1 kilometres long.

Jomas street is filled with restaurants and pubs, and the menu offered is amazingly diverse.

Jomas street festival

Traditionally, the Jomas street festival takes place in the middle of the summer.

Over the course of many days the city's residents and visitors have the opportunity to attend a variety of concerts, theatre performances, festive fairs, workshops, festive processions and sporting events.

Jūras ​​street

After walking on Jomas street, we suggest you go to the parallel Jūras street.

Jūras street is the street closest to the Jūrmala dunes, where you can see almost all of Jūrmala's typical architectural styles.

Jūras street has 23 architectural monuments of state and local importance.


Majori, Jomas iela , Jūrmala

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Majori, Jomas iela , Jūrmala
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