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Open Air Museum Ausekļi Mill

The Ausekļi Mill Museum gives an opportunity to watch, and to try out one skill in diverse farm-work.

Each autumn and spring, the museum holds harvest and sowing festivals, offering activities for everyone who wishes to join in or watch:

  • Grinding grain by a hand mill,
  • Threshing corn with horse drawn and steam-powered machines,
  • Ploughing with ancient ploughs,
  • Crafts – basketry, carving wood, metalwork, making brooms, weaving, spinning, knitting, rope making, making roofing shakes, etc.,
  • Housework – churning butter, laundering, pounding laundry with a bat on a battling block, making sauerkraut, etc.  

Beside these events, visitor groups can apply for activities in advance!

Vecumnieki district, Bārbele parish, "Ausekļu dzirnavas", LV-3905
+371 29197412
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Price (adults): 
2.20 €
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Guide service available
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Piekļuve cilvēkiem ar kustību traucējumiem
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