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Rīga Castle

The history of Riga Castle dates back to 1440’s, when the Master’s residence, i.e., the castle of Riga Order Castle I. Today the castle built during the Middle Ages on the bank of Daugava River is the home for the residence of the President of the Republic of Latvia and the National History Museum of Latvian, the third oldest museum in Latvia.

Now, after commencing extensive reconstruction of the ancient building, the Blackheads House in the Town Hall Square serves as the temporary residence of the highest official of the state; however, the museum continues welcoming its visitors.

During its considerably long lifetime Riga Castle has experienced days of both disaster and prosperity. The castle was destroyed already approximately 40 years after it was built, but in 1515 it was built anew.

The castle was used as a residence of Polish and Swedish officials, and then as a home for the Russian Governor General. When Latvia became an independent country on 18 November 1918, the castle was transferred for arrangement of the residence for the President of the Republic of Latvia. During the Soviet period the castle housed the Pioneer Castle and different museums, including National History Museum of Latvia, which has not left the ancient walls of the medieval castle not once since its establishment there in 1922.

After restoration of the national independence of Latvia in 1991, the masters of the castle moved out and it became the residence of the President of the State once again. Extensive restoration and reconstruction works have been commenced to prevent the damage of ravages of time and to maintain the state importance architectural monument of Riga Castle as one of the dominant values of the architecture of our capital.

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