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Memorial Site "Liktendarzs"

With support of the entire Latvian nation a memorial site “Liktendarzs” (Garden of destinies) is being created on an island in Koknese. No day passes without visitors coming here from all over Latvia. It is a memorial site to all those lost to Latvia in the 20th century – those who suffered from totalitarian regimes, those who were forced to exile, those who suffered based on their political views or family tree.

Almost every family in Latvia has either lost a member or has a member who is a victim. As a nation we have lost more than 600 000 people in the last century. While in countries similar to Latvia the number of inhabitants has doubled, ours has significantly diminished. But “Liktendarzs” is so much more – it is a place, where the past of both the country and its people meets their present and  the future.

To find consolation, strength and also the inspiration to fulfil the dreams.
To commemorate those Latvians who became victims of the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, Koknese foundation is creating a memorial site on an island in the middle of the Daugava, nearby the Koknese castle ruins and Lutheran church. The first prize was given to project “Meisow” (Meadow) by a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and landscape architect Shunmyo Masuno.
The implementation of the project was started with planting the central lane of apple-trees. The project of the memorial site “Liktendarzs” was launched on the 90th anniversary of Latvia and is planned to be finished until the 100th anniversary of Latvia.
When “Liktendarzs” reaches its goal, it will not only be a monument to our past, but to our future as well. We live in times, when a lot around us falls to pieces and disappears, but at the same time also appears and is born. And it might as well be a new Latvia - with another view on itself, new values, relationships and aims for the future.
Each and everyone can take part in creating “Liktendarzs” not just by working or donating money, but also by just coming to this island, sitting down on the bank of the Daugava and watching the river flowing towards its aim slowly and relentlessly. “Liktendarzs” is being created as a hope for the future – a garden for consolation and testimony to the strength of our nation. We all have an opportunity to be a part of it and only together we will be able to create this garden as a present for our Latvia on its 100th anniversary.

Koknese district, Koknese parish, "Liknteņdārzs", LV-5113
+371 2549 5544
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Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 18:00
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1.00 €
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Credit/debit card
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For donations
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