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Rental services

If you wish to become better acquainted with Latvia and go on an outdoor trip for a few days, or visit one of the beautiful towns of Latvia, you may want to consider renting a car.

Car Rental

As you arrive in Latvia, you may continue your trip by driving a car on your own. At Riga Airport, there are four international enterprises offering their services - Europcar, Budget, Avis, and SIXT. More information about car rentals is available on the ground level of the Riga Airport’s terminal, in the arrivals sector.

The terms and conditions of car rental may require not only a driver’s licence, but also that the client must be at least 21 and he or she shall have driving experience of one or even two years.

There may be also more stringent exceptions, e.g., age of at least 25 in the event you are going to rent some special car make.

Fuel prices in Latvia are roughly the same as elsewhere in the world. The current approximate prices are:

  • 95-octane petrol is about EUR 1.00 per litre
  • 98-octane petrol costs about EUR 1.16
  • Diesel fuel is about EUR 1.00

Also it is possible to rent e-car in Latvia - Fiqsy. There are 72 charging stations in Latvia to use an e-car. E-mobi is the national network of electric car charging stations, which ensures the movement of electric cars throughout the territory of Latvia. Currently 72 fast charging stations operate in the e-mobi network throughout the territory of Latvia, which is maintained by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate.

Camper Rent

You can have a great trip to Latvian open country and towns by driving own car on wheels, i.e., a camper. You don't have to drive there from your country as you can rent it here in Latvia. The price depends on the duration of rent and season, in summer for a period until week the average price is 85-110 EUR per day, and you can get discounts when the rent period exceeds two weeks. You have to bear in mind that the rental may request a safety deposit until 600 EUR. Some rentals offer also navigation system. More information about camper rent in,, and other camper rentals.

Bike rental

There are the Gandrs bike rental shops in Riga and Valmiera. If you wish to tour the famous resort city of Jūrmala on a bicycle, use the services of or visit one of the first bicycle rentals in Latvia (

In Sigulda, a town also known as the Switzerland of Vidzeme, you can rent a bicycle from Rāmkalni, Reinis Track or the recreation/sports complex Kaķītis. There also are bicycle rentals in Talsi, Liepāja, Ventspils and elsewhere. Many rural guesthouses offer visitors bicycles for more convenient exploration.

More information about bicycle rent in Latvia is available at the regional tourist information centres.

Boat Rental for Water Tourism

If you are interested in tourism at bodies of water, and want to have an exciting adventure traveling down some of the picturesque Latvian rivers, there are multiple rentals to provide you with boats and all necessary equipment, of which the most popular are:

In addition, you can also rent a plane, a helicopter, or even a hot-air balloon.

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